Review: Skyforce Rocket by Lanard

Rated 4.5/5
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Simple Rocket Fun

Another day, another rocket. That seems to be the motto our boys seem to live by. This week we headed into Big W here in Australia and picked up the Skyforce Rocket.

An air-powered, moderately safe rocket for kids aged six and up. In this post, we review the Skyforce rocket and let you know our thoughts and opinion.

Skyforce Rocket Review Big W

Skyforce Rocket Overview

The Skyforce Rocket is an air-powered rocket. It is a plastic air chamber, connected to a launch stand where you push a soft foam rocket down over the outlet. You then stand on the air chamber, and it compresses the air which forces the rocket off the end of the launch stand. The rocket launches either straight up or at an angle set by the adjustable launch stand.

We picked up the Skyforce Rocket for $8AUD. Pretty good value if you take into consideration how much enjoyment the kids got from it. Here is how Big W describes the product:

• Easy snapping assembly and adjustable flight path.
• 3 foam rockets and 1 stomp pad launcher included.
• Super high-flying fun both indoor and outdoor!
• Shoots up to 70ft / 21m.

What's in the Box?

Opening up the box, it was great to see they have planned for lost rockets. Here is what you get:

3 x Rockets: 3 foam rockets that push down over the launch stand. Made of the same foam that pool noodles are made from
Launch Stand & Stomp Pad: The main part of the launch stand is connected to the air-filled stomp pad and it is already connected up in the box.
3 x Launch Stand Legs: 3 legs supplied click onto the main part of the launch stand.

Skyforce Rocket Unboxed & Reviewed

STEM Learning

The Skyforce Rocket by Lanard is a fun toy, but it can also be educational. Based on science and engineering, you can talk to your kids about how and why this toy works. What is creating the propulsion for the rocket? Why does the rocket only go so far? How could you make the rocket go further? Lots of STEM learning opportunities with this rocket.

Safety Information

When you get your hands on the Skyforce Rocket, you are going to think it is very safe. The rockets are reasonably soft, and the box says it is safe indoors. However, don't be complacent. The box says for six years and over, so if you have kids younger than this as we do, please ensure you are the one operating it, or hands-on supervising. Also, the box includes a choking hazard warning for children under 3.

Our Review and Opinion

The Skyforce Rocket is a simple air-powered rocket that provides kids with hours of fun. At $8, you really can't go wrong.

A couple of things we especially liked:

Tight Fitting Rockets: The rockets were quite tight to go on, which is an excellent feature. It creates more friction and makes the rocket launch higher. A lot better than other air powered rockets that we have tested.

Adjustable Launch Pad: It was great to be able to angle the launch of the rocket. It certainly made it better for indoor use, and it stopped the rockets going on the roof outdoors.

If your kids like rockets as much as mine, this is a pretty good toy to own. It is excellent value, stores well and is fun.

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