Awesome Rocket T-Shirts for Kids

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Rocket T-Shirts Made For Kids

We have put together our list of favourite Rocket Tees for kids. We have recently been posting a lot about rockets and bought my son a rocket shirt. He loves it, and it made me want to put this list together.

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This list is from Redbubble, which has an amazing range of kids clothing, and some fantastic designs. We recently posted our list of kids science t-shirts that you might also want to check out.

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In the interest of full disclosure, we are an affiliate of Redbubble and this posts contains some affiliate links. It costs you nothing extra and helps us continue to keep our site running. Read More.

Up by Andy Westface

This design is simply called 'Up'. It's one of our favourites. A circle design featuring a rainbow rocket tail.

Sizes & Colours  

Rocket T-Shirt Up by Andy Westface

The Space Race Kids Rocket T-Shirt

The Space Race is a very fine monotone design featuring many different shaped rockets. This design looks great on all the different coloured t-shirts.

Sizes & Colours  

The Space Race Featuring Rockets

Space Shuttle Tee for Kids

Space shuttle launching t-shirt. A rectangular design with bubbles making the design a little abstract.

Sizes & Colours  

Space Shuttle Shirt for Kids

Large Colourful Space Rocket Design Tee

A very colourful retro kids rocket on a tee. This large rocket design is popular, and can be printed on many different colours t-shirts.

Sizes & Colours  

Kids Bright Coloured Rocket Top

A Trip Into Space - Abstract Rocket T-Shirt

A beautiful abstract design coloured by a gradient of yellow to aqua. An amazing design, available in a range of colours.

Sizes & Colours  

A Trip Into Space Kids Abstract Rocket Shirt

Rocket Travel by Skullz23

Rocket Travel in a cartoon style design will look great printed on a kids t-shirt.

Sizes & Colours  

Rocket Travel Kids Tee

Spaceman on a Rocket T-Shirt for Kids

The spaceman flying on a rocket is a very cool design that looks great on kids tees.

Sizes & Colours  

Pink And Purple Rockets T-Shirt

Rockets & Stars Shirt for Young Kids

A colourful kids hand drawn rocket and stars complete with astronaut features on this kids t-shirt, along with the word rockets in white.

Sizes & Colours  

Hand Drawn Rockets Kids Shirt

9 Rockets

Nine rockets on one shirt. This is a very neat design featuring nine rockets lined up. All of the rockets are different and colourful. A definite for the rocket loving boy or girl.

Sizes & Colours  

9 Rockets Design on a T-Shirt

Rocket Ship 2 by Chillee Wilson

This is a very simple design, yet makes a bold statement. Featuring a large rocket, this one is for the rocket enthusiast.

Sizes & Colours  

Rocket Ship 2 by Chillee Wilson

Rocket Ship 3 by Chillee Wilson

Another rocket design by Chillee Wilson. This shirt features a red rocket that has just launched with flames still showing.

Sizes & Colours  

Red Rocket Ship Tee

Colourful Kids Rocket on a Kids T-Shirt

Whilst all of our t-shirts feature rockets, this design is a little different. It features a kids rocket that looks more realistic in 3D even though the features clearly show it is a kids rocket.

Sizes & Colours  

Launching Rocket Boys Tee

Space is Sweet - Rocket Popsicle

Another favourite of ours. I will be getting this for my son very soon. A rocket ship popsicle. A very cool design! Sorry for the dad joke :)

Sizes & Colours  

Sweet Rocket Popsicle T-Shirt for Kids

Rocket Moon & Mountains

A beautifully designed rocket shirt where the design doesn’t rely heavily of the rocket. The rocket is seen flying across a moon which is behind mountains.

Sizes & Colours  

Rocket Over Mountains and a Moon

Future Rocket Woman Kids T-Shirt

There is a huge push at the moment to encourage girls and women to join STEM fields, and this t-shirt is all about that. Future rocket woman is for girls who are into rockets and science.

Sizes & Colours  

Future Rocket Woman T-Shirt for Girls

Rocket Science Kids Tee

A hand-drawn rocket featuring the words rocket science. A great looking design and it features some great colours.

Sizes & Colours  

Rocket Science Kids T-Shirt

To The Moon Kids Rocket T-Shirt

To the moon t-shirt for girls and boys. Featuring a fun and colourful designed rocket.

Sizes & Colours  

To The Moon Kids Rocket Drawn Tee

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