Book Review: Rocket Science for Babies

Rated 5/5
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Rocket Science Made Simple

Chris Ferrie has done it again.. He has made a very complex science concept easy to understand, even for kids.

The book 'Rocket Science for Babies', is one of my sons favourite books. Probably because it has the word rocket in it, and rockets are cool. Regardless of the reason, I couldn't be happier that he likes to read this book. He is only young, and without even knowing it, he is learning science and STEM.

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Rocket Science for Babies Book Review

Rocket Science Explained

This book uses gradual examples to end up launching a rocket. Starting with a ball and air flow, then converting to a wing and adding fuel. An interesting and appealing book for kids, whilst teaching STEM at the same time.

Chris Ferrie Books

Chris has written a whole series of science/STEM books, which you can find here.

We also just did a review of Newtonian Physics for Babies.

Chris Ferrie Books


I get a real buzz when I see my kids read science books. That alone is worth 5 out of 5. It's a great book for young kids and a great introduction to STEM learning.

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