Review: Liquifly Fizz Rocket

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Great Value Fun

If you are looking for a really economical toy that not only entertains your kids but teaches them science and STEM, then look no further than this really simple but awesome toy: Liquifly Fizz Rocket!

Please note: This is NOT a paid review, I actually bought this rocket, and loved it.

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Liquifly Fizz Rocket Review

Liquifly Fizz Rocket Overview

We picked up this cool little rocket from Cool Things Australia. They have heaps of cool stuff, but we were on a budget and wanted the biggest bang for our buck... Which we got, figuratively and literally.

The Liquifly Rocket is a small plastic rocket. It has a rocket body and a launching base. You simply put the bicarb and vinegar inside, press the rocket onto the base, and when there is enough pressure, the rocket launches. Really simple, and really fun.

Whats in the Box

In the box, you will find all you need except for the vinegar and bicarb. You get the following:

Plastic Rocket Body
Plastic Launch Base
Plastic Double Measuring Scoop
User Manual/Safety Notes

There is a link on the bottom of this post if you are looking for a digital version of the user manual.

Whats in the Box Liquifly Fizz Rocket Review

Using the Fizz Rocket

Get ready for some fun. This little rocket has heaps of power. Make sure you follow the safety instructions and put on your glasses/goggles!

You need to get yourself some bicarbonate of soda (bicarb) and some white vinegar. Without going into the science (Why bicarb reacts with vinegar), the reaction causes gas expansion, which pressurises the inside of the rocket. Then, once the pressure has a greater force than the friction holding the rocket to the launch pad, it takes off. Pushing the liquid and gas out of the bottom of the rocket, and propelling the rocket up via thrust.

And when we say propel, we mean PROPEL! This little tiny rocket, with a little tiny bit of bicarb and vinegar, will get to about 5 metres in the air. Kids love it!

Liquifly Fizz Rocket Slow-Mo Launch Video

Here is a video we took when we launched the toy rocket. We slowed it down around 12 times. We think it's pretty cool, but you can be the judge. It is just to demonstrate the launching power that propels the rocket.

Safety Instructions

Please be safe when using this toy rocket. Whilst the launch is cool, it is powerful and could be harmful. The last thing you want is an eye injury or any other injury. Here are the safety instructions directly from the user manual.

Securely install the base before launching.
Only launch outdoors in a safe open space.
Powerful Thrust - never lean over the rocket.
Use of eye protection recommended.
Move away from the rocket when launching.
Do not try and catch the rocket.

Not intended as a toy for young children.
Choking hazard - small parts. Adult supervision for children under 14 years.

Our Liquifly Review

We think this rocket is a great toy, no doubt about it... and it is great value. It is also cheap to run, as bicarb and vinegar are cheap to buy, especially if you buy it in bulk like we do.

There are a couple of things that could be improved:

Strengthen the Base: Where the cylinder and the triangular base meet on the launch pad, it is quite week, and easy to tear around the join. If like me, you have a kid who pushes the rocket on tight with nothing in it, you will find it hard to remove again, and if you grab the base triangle, it will tear.

Add a Inner Lip to the Base: One of the hardest things to do is time this rocket. You don't have long to push the rocket onto the base and get it down. That's because the two ingredients mix as soon as you push it together. To fix this, all they need to do is add a small lip in the cylinder of the base, so, when you tip it to around 45 degrees the bicarb does not spill out. That will give you plenty of time to get the base on, and then just flip it up when ready. To fix this, I just ran a little bead of hot glue around the inside lip of the base.

Should I Buy Liquifly?

YES! This is a great STEM learning toy. It is inexpensive and fun. Just be safe. Like our family, your family will have a lot of fun with the fizz rocket.

Documents & Downloads

User Manual: Liquifly Fizz Rocket

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