About STEM Mayhem

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Welcome to Our Site

Hi. My name is Brett, and I am a full time dad to two amazing boys, Ashton and Eli. We love STEM, STEM learning activities and STEM educational toys.

I am a big fan of education, especially STEM education and learning. I created this site to share with other parents and educators all of our fun projects and STEM know how. Kids that learn and understand STEM have a great foundation, and I believe it creates curious minds that will guide them to success in their older years.

Brett, Ashton and Eli - STEM Mayhem

A little About Me

I am not a scientist, mathematician or an engineer and even my tech knowledge is limited. I owned my own Web Development business for 15 years, but have now shifted focus to being the best dad I could possibly be. I am not sure where my love of STEM started, but definitely early. I loved building marble runs and garden hose coasters, and I also enjoyed the challenge of building things myself.

Having owned an IT business certainly helps out when it comes to the Technology side of STEM and it has also shown me the importance of programming and coding. Something I really hope my two boys enjoy when they are a little older.

Our Goal

The goal of STEM Mayhem and the reason I built it is pretty simple:

We want to capture and share all of the wonderful STEM learning experiences that we create as a family.

We also hope to inspire other parents spend quality time with their kids by learning and having fun with STEM whilst developing curiosity and knowledge that will lead them into a successful future.

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