Best Kids Science T-Shirts

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Awesome Kids Science T-Shirts

Here at STEM Mayhem, we love science and love getting children involved in science. Here we have put together a list of fantastic kids science t-shirts.

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This Science T-Shirt collection is from Redbubble, which has an amazing range of Science T-Shirts for Kids.

Our Top Kids Science T-Shirts

Here are our favourite Kids T-Shirts. Also, if you are interested, you might also like our List of awesome STEMinist Tops and Shirts.

In the interest of full disclosure, we are an affiliate of Redbubble and this posts contains some affiliate links. It costs you nothing extra and helps us continue to keep our site running. Read More.

Science, It's Like Magic But Real Kids T-Shirt

This is an awesome little t-shirt for kids who are interested in science. A simple slogan 'Science, It's Like Magic But Real', and the typical atom science logo.

Sizes & Colours  

Science Its Like Magic But Real Kids Tshirt

Never Trust an Atom, They Make Up Everything T-Shirt

Scientific humour at it's finest. The 'Never Trust an Atom' t-shirt for kids is available in lots of colours and sizes, and is great value for a young scientist.

Sizes & Colours  

Never Trust an Atom Kids Science Tshirt

I Think You're Overreacting

Another funny STEM t-shirt for kids. A great cartoon based on a very old science joke. This t-shirt is one of our favourites.

Sizes & Colours  

I Think You are Over Reacting Kids Science Tee

Little Scientist

A beautifully designed science t-shirt for kids, featuring a very 'little' scientist. Cute and colourful, certainly aimed at kids with scientists for parents.

Sizes & Colours  

Little Scientist Kids T Shirt

Science Is Real Kids T-Shirt

Stating the obvious with this colourful Science Tee from Redbubble. A well-designed logo, and is available in many colours.

Sizes & Colours  

Science is Real Tee

Science Matters

A play on words with this Children's Tee. A simple 'Science Matters' in bold font followed by colourful science logo's.

Sizes & Colours  

Science Matters Kids STEM Tshirt

Science, Like Magic But Real

We know this slogan has already featured above, but it's a classic. 'Science, it's like magic but real' is a great slogan, and very popular amongst the scientific community.

Sizes & Colours  

Science is Like Magic Kids STEM T-Shirt

Never Trust an Atom, They Make Up Everything

Another kids t-shirt featuring a popular science joke. The design is in blue, and the shirt is available in many colours.

Sizes & Colours  

Never Trust an Atom Childrens T-shirt

Eat = Milk Cookie Squared

What a great play on words, and it makes for a fantastic kids shirt. Instead of the famous E=MC², this t-shirt design went for a children's approach and converted it to EAT=Milk Cookie². We love this t-shirt.

Sizes & Colours  

Funny Kids Science Tshirt

Science Doesn't Care What You Believe

If you like your kid's shirts getting to the point, then this one is for you. 'Science Doesn't Care What You Believe' is a popular scientific slogan, and is emblazed on this t-shirt in white.

Sizes & Colours  

Science Doesnt Care What You Believe

May The 'Force' Be With You

Science and Pop Culture meet with this kids shirt. 'May The Force Be With You', except the 'Force' has been replaced with a scientific equation. If you love Star Wars and science, this one is for you.

Sizes & Colours  

May the Force - Science Tshirt for Kids

Kids Science Logo T-Shirt

This is a very simple t-shirt featuring a colourful 'Atom' as the scientific logo. The logo is colourful, and the shirt is available in many colours.

Sizes & Colours  

Childrens Science Tshirt

Forget Princess, Scientist T-Shirt

Aimed at girls, this t-shirt features the slogan 'Forget Princess, I Want To Be a Scientist'. A great design, and great colours.

Sizes & Colours  

Forget Princess be a Scientist Tshirt for Kids

We Just Don't Have Any Chemistry

Another funny science t-shirt for kids. It features a funny slogan and pictures oil and water which almost everyone knows do no mix together.

Sizes & Colours  

Oil Water No Chemistry STEM Tshirt for Children

I Have Solutions T-Shirt

Another funny play on words for this tee. 'I Have Solutions' is the slogan on this tee. The slogan has a double meaning given that the picture is of 3 liquid solutions.

Sizes & Colours  

I Have Solutions STEM Shirt for Kids

Want More Kids Science T-Shirts?

Thats the end of our list. But there is plenty more where that came from, and they are all at a good price. Head on over and check out the kids science tee's on Redbubble.

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