FTC Disclosure


FTC Disclosure is when marketers or bloggers are compensated for mentioning brands and products on the internet, or talk about brands and products which they are paid to talk about, the FTC requires that this relationship is fully disclosed.

Every time we are compentated or received free products and talk about those products, we make it clear in each post.

We receive different types of compensation and company relationships, outlined below.

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link is a link to a company or a product, wehere we are registered to receive a small % of any sales that were initiated through our link.

Purchasing products through these links DOES NOT cost you anything extra. It is paid to us by the company for linking to their product.

We disclose posts with affiliate links at the top of each post.

Product Donation

A product donation is where we are sent a product for free to talk about or review. Whilts we do accept products, our reviews are our real opinion, and are not always positive.

We do NOT endorse a product positively unless we believe in the product.

Special Privilege

A special priviledge is something other than a product given to us, or provided to us at a discount. Including tours and experiences.

We offer our real opinion about privileges.


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