Anti-Spam Policy


Our system uses email to contact subscribed users. Email addresses of users are NOT available to the public, or other subscribers.

We have a zero tolerance Spam policy in regards to Emails. Spam, in terms of electronic messaging/emailing means Unsolicited Bulk Email. Read more at Spamhaus.


Emails are only ever sent directly from our domain, never from another domain.

Subscribers do NOT have access the email address of other subscribers, and it is never displayed to the screen.

You can unsubscribe or modify any subscription at any time, by using the link on the bottom of our emails.

Our Email System

We never send an email to an account where the email address has not be verified, or was registered with a Social Media Login system.

If you receive an email from us, it is either a single 'Validate your Account' email, or it is because at some point in time, your email address was verified by clicking the link in the initial 'Validate Your Account' email.

Under no circumstance will we ever disclose your email address to any third party person or company.

If you believe your subscription is in error, we encourage you to do two things. Firstly, secure your email account, as it was most likely compromised, and secondly, contact us to unsubscribe.


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