Review: Anti-Gravity Maglev by 4M KidzLabs

Rated 4.5/5
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Magnet Fun for Kids

Magnets are super interesting; On top of that, they are a very educational tool for teaching kids STEM. We have collected quite a few magnetic toys, and in this post, we are going to share with you our thoughts on the Anti-Gravity Maglev made by 4M KidzLabs.

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Maglev made by 4M

Overview Of The Anti-Gravity Maglev

The Anti-Gravity Maglev is a kit by 4M. It is a single kit that has around 6 different activities. Although, with a bit of imagination you can do much more.

The activities all involve magnets, and the magnets in this kit are plastic coated and have a different colour for north and south, which is great for teaching young kids. If you have young kids like me, this kit can be used as a magnet demonstration; or, if they are older, you can dive deep into the science behind magnets.

The instructions are quite clear, which helps in setting up each activity quickly. You can switch between the activities quite quickly too.

Video of the Anti-Gravity Maglev

Here is a video that 4M Kidzlabs created to demonstrate the Anti-Gravity Maglev.

What's In The Box?

This kit contains so many activities and is packed really well in the box. Not a lot of wasted space like other companies do. Here is what you get when you open the Anti-Gravity Maglev box:

7 Round Magnets: Indicating north and south with colours.
Activity Base: Where you clip the magnets and accessories for most activities.
Activity Accessories: There are 2 yellow rods and a couple of other plastic accessories used for separate activities.
Stickers: Stickers used to decorate activities.
Cutouts: Cardboard cutouts used for a few of the activities.
Instruction Manual: Instruction manual containing all of the specified activities.

Unboxed: Anti-Gravity Maglev by 4M KidzLabs

Our Review/Opinion

The Anti-Gravity Maglev is another great product by 4M. This kit has numerous activities and has kept my kids occupied quite a few times. The construction seems quite strong, and the magnets are good quality. We give this kit a 4.5 out of 5.

Anti-Gravity Maglev Playing

UF on the Maglev 4M

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