Book Review: Newtonian Physics for Babies

Rated 5/5
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Complex Science Made Simple

Newtonian Physics for Babies is just one of the many books by Chris Ferrie that simplify scientific concepts for kids interested in STEM.

Chris Ferrie is actually a scientist, and he has a knack for being able to convey complex science messages in a simple way. In this case, he explains Newtonian Physics.


Newtonian Physics for Babies Book Review

Gravity Explained

In just 24 pages, with an average of one line per page, Chris has managed to explain Newtons Laws. This book uses a ball as an example showing forces being applied, and it finished with the famous apple falling from a tree.

Gravity, force, and mass; all explained simply in this book.

Chris Ferrie Books

Chris has written a whole series of books, which you can find here.

Chris Ferrie Books


I love science books, and love it when my kids read science books. Kids will learn and have fun reading Newtonian Physics for Babies, and I recommend this book be added to your kids book collection. A great introduction to STEM learning.

If you want an activity that puts these physics into action, try the Garden Hose Coaster Activity for Kids.

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