Megabloks: Teaching Kids STEM

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STEM Building Blocks

When you think of STEM, you probably think of programming code and explosive chemistry reactions. And whilst you would be correct, something as simple as Megabloks is also a part of the STEM learning world.

For those who haven't heard of Megabloks, they are large plastic blocks, similar to Lego that are targeted at ages 1 to 5.

We would categorise Megabloks as part mathematics and part engineering. They are a simple toy, fun to play with and most of all, very educational.

Megabloks STEM Blocks

Megabloks for Mathematics

Mathematics plays a large role when kids are playing with Megabloks, even if they don't actually realise it.

How many blocks up, how many across?
Single blocks, double blocks, 4 long, 4 long 2 wide, 2 into 1?
How many single blocks fit onto a 2x4 block?
2 blocks at half height match the height of a full block?
How many blocks do I own?
3D buildings and cubes need what type of blocks?

The list of mathematics questions go on and on. And the best part is they are learning all of this without even realising it!

Megabloks for Engineering

This might not be as obvious as the math, but quite a bit of engineering goes into the construction of things with Megabloks.

See: Megabloks Engineering Challenge

Even though the structures created with Megabloks are small scale, they still need to overcome the same laws of physics as large buildings. EG, the effect of gravity on a bridge, and the instability of a tall thin structures.

Megabloks Create Smarter Kids

Megabloks are a big part of STEM learning, and we encourage you to give your kids a head start by giving them an opportunity to play with Megabloks.

You can even incorporate them into other STEM activities like: Our Garden Hose Coaster

Here is some fantastic statistics and studies on the benefits of kids playing with blocks: The benefits of toy blocks: The science of construction play.

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