Review: Classic Geomag System

Rated 4.5/5
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Geomag Classic, Simple & Well Built

Geomag has a massive range of magnetic toys, but the Geomag Classic is the first one that we got our hands-on, the glitter version to be exact. Our first impression on the Geomag Classic system is a good one. They seem to be made very well and click together really nicely with the strong magnets. Here is our review of the Classic Glitter Kit by Geomag.

Checking out the Geomag Glitter Pack

Geomag Classic System Overview

The Geomag Classic system consists of 3 main components. Small rods containing magnets, steel balls (Spheres they are called) and plastic panels. While plastic panels do make up this classic system, the rods and balls are the most common components and the only components needed to start constructions. Most kits do not even include the panels.

Building with the Geomag CLassic system is simple. The spheres act as a joint, and you connect the rods to them. You can add multiple rods to a single sphere. You can see our photo below shows this in action.

Most of the kits come with a single base plate, which is also pictured below. These are great for beginners. You simply click in 4 spheres, and you have yourself a sturdy base to begin your structure.

When you click together a two-dimensional shape, you will notice it will be quite shaky and unstable, you quickly realist you need to create a three-dimensional shape to lock them all in place. Once you get your design started, it will become solid and stable.

Ashton Reviewing Geomag Glitter

What's In The Box?

We bought the Glitter version of the Classic Geomag system. There are quite a few different box sets available for the Geomag Classic system, but they are all very similar except for the number of pieces.

Magnetic Rods: The main rods that go between the spheres to construct.
Spheres: These are metal balls that are attracted to the rods.
Base Plate: A base plate is a good starting foundation that you can click spheres into when beginning.
Instructions: An instruction book with warnings and plenty of examples.

One thing I did want to mention was the oversized packaging. I don't know why companies need to do this. This package was about ten times the size it needed to be. Oversized packaging is a pet hate of ours, as it not environmentally friendly in many ways.

Geomag Glitter Box Contents & Review


STEM Learning with the Geomag Classic System

The Geomag system is fantastic for STEM learning, and will undoubtedly be a staple in our house. The learning opportunities are almost endless, and depending on your kids' age, you can dive deeper and deeper into learning from this product.


Engineering is one of the most obvious STEM learning opportunity with the Geomag Classic system. Kids will be constructing 3D objects and will quickly learn fundamentals. Some objects will show strength and other a little shaky. You can have strength competitions as well as height and other competitions.


Science is probably the next most obvious learning opportunity with Geomag. Working out how they work is one aspect, then you can learn about magnets. From there, gravity and physics are other great aspects that could be taught.


Mathematics is another STEM discipline that you can easily teach with the Geomag Classic system. How many rods and spheres will you need? Formulas for calculating pieces for the design. EG: 4 balls and 8 rods for each level added.

Our Review/Opinion

The Geomag Classic system is a fantastic STEM toy, and we rate it highly. It is built well, and the magnets are strong and click together very well.

It is not the cheapest STEM toy out there, but you do get what you pay for. We do not like the overly sized box that they use for packaging, but overall, the product is excellent.

There are many ways to use the Geomag for teaching STEM, so we give this toy 4.5 out of 5.

Documents & Downloads

Instruction Manual for Geomag Classic Glitter

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