We Did the Megabloks Engineering Challenge

Megabloks, Engineering, Challenge
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What Is the Megabloks Engineering Challenge?

Recently we were having fun building bridges with Megabloks, so we made a bit of a competition out of it. We had fun, and wanted to challenge others.

Here are the rules and scoring details: The Megabloks Bridge Engineering Challenge

The Engineering Challenge by Megabloks

Tougher Than It Looks

Don't be fooled by the use of Megabloks, thinking it is easy and simple. This challenge was quite tough. Megabloks are designed to be put together and taken apart easily, and this really plays havoc and creates mayhem when trying to build the bridge. The Megabloks also want to twist over long spans, so even mounting the blocks on the supports was tough.

First Attempt

Here is our first at the Megabloks bridge:

Attempt 1 of Megabloks Engineering Challenge

Our Score: 88

We found it really tough to stop the middle breaking apart, and the more support bricks that were in place, the heavier it got, which made it collapse faster.

Second Attempt

Here is our second attempt at the Megabloks bridge:

Attempt 2 of Megabloks Engineering Challenge

Our Score: 74

We focused on reducing the weight in the middle so the pressure on the centre blocks would reduce. This seemed to work, and we scored a lot lower than our first attempt. I think we might have to practice our engineering skills with the Bridge Building App, Poly Bridge.

How Did You Go?

Be sure to let us know how you went. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

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