Review: Brookite Mini Delta Kite

Rated 1/5
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We Bought A Budget Kite

I was wandering through Toyworld the other day, and saw the Brookite Mini Delta Kite for less than $10AUD. The packaging looked good, and the brand 'Brookite' has been around for a long time. I wondered if this was a case of 'You get what you pay for' but still went ahead and got it. Here is our review of the Brookite Mini Delta Kite.

Kids Flying the Brookite Mini Delta

What's in the Package?

The kite comes in a tiny plastic sleeve package. If you have read our other toy reviews, you will notice that we hate unnecessary packaging, but this kite was in an efficient package. Inside is everything you need, and the quality of the kite and accessories feel pretty good for the price.

Kite: The kite and side wing struts are already assembled, and the streamers are attached as pictured.
Line & Grip: The 30m line comes wound onto the easy-grip handle. It is not attached to the kite.
Instructions: The instructions are on the back of the packaging.
Strut: There is a single loose strut that easily attaches to the kite body, and holds it in shape.

Opening the Packet on the Brookite Mini Delta Kite

Assembling the Brookite Mini Delta Kite

The instructions are included, and the kite is easy to setup. All you need to do is install the cross strut, and attach the line to the kite with a knot.

The instructions are straightforward to follow, but you do have to know which knot to use. It would have been handy if they included instructions of a good knot.

Brookite Mini Delta Kite Set Up

Our Review & Opinion

There is a motto 'You get what you pay for'. That certainly was the case here.

While the kite and accessories were of high quality, when you buy a kite, there is one thing you expect it to do; Fly. This kite was horrible at flying.

Straight out of the packet, on a steady breeze day, I could only get this kite to fly for about 10 seconds at a time. It just kept turning into the ground; This is a big no-no. I would rather the kite felt horrible and cheap but flew well, instead of a kite that felt expensive but didn't fly.

Being able to fly is not a bonus you get with more expensive kites. It is fundamental to all kites. We were let down by this kite. Saying that we haven't thrown it out, and we haven't given up on the brand. I will take it out for a few more flights, and hopefully, it gets better over time.

We gave the Brookite Mini Delta Kite a 1 out of 5, purely because it was not great in the air. All other aspects of this kite were fantastic, but what does that matter if it doesn't fly.

Documents & Downloads

Instruction Manual Brookite Mini Delta

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