50 Awesome Science Notebooks & Journals

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Get Your Journal Ready

Hello science people! The new year is upon us, and now is the time to get your journals ready. Whether you keep a dot journal, a diary, or like to keep notes; now is the time to get your journals prepared for what's ahead.

Here is our list of the top 50 journals and notepads with a science theme that are available on Redbubble right now. Some are funny, some are serious, and some will probably only impress your science friends. We hope you enjoy our list, and please feel free to share with your friends.

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Redbubble is our favourite merch site. We have bought many things from them, and have always been happy with their prices and quality. FTC Disclosure: We were compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. But there are no extra charges for you. It helps us keep this site running.

50 Science Themes Journals

Here is our pick of Redbubble hardcover journals that all have a science theme. Click on the image or links for more info and to choose your paper type. Each journal comes in Ruled, Graph and Blank paper. If you don't want a hardcover, there are notepads available also.

1. Think Like a Proton, Stay Positive

By: quotysalad

You are sure to have a great day with a positive cover on your journal. Think like a proton and stay positive.

Info & Buy

Science Journal: Think like a proton

2. Science, It Knows Stuff: Hardcover Journal

By: Wayne Minnis

A fantastic science design on this journal. A vintage colour scheme with a graphic featuring robots, rockets and Einstien.

Info & Buy

Science Knows Stuff Science Cover Dot Journal

3. Women Belong in the Lab

By: laineregen

Encouraging more women to science is fantastic. This is a simple design with an important message. Gone are the old days where women were thought to have belonged in the kitchen; they belong in the lab!

Info & Buy

Science Women in a Lab Notepad

4. Charles Darwin's "I think" tree of life sketch Hardcover Journal

By: Colin Purrington

A super simple contrasting design that would make for an excellent dot journal for any scientist, or STEM lover. The Charles Darwin Tree of Life sketch.

Info & Buy

Journal Hardcover: Charles Darwin I Think

5. NASA JPL Space Tourism

By: bobbooo

NASA JPL Space Tourism: A Once in a Lifetime Getaway Hardcover Journal. This journal features a fantastic colourful design containing space and rockets.

Info & Buy

Space Rockets Dot Journal Design

6. Chemistry 1 Mole per Litre

By: Geek-topia

Mole or Avogadro's Day Hardcover Journal. An adorable design for those celebrating mole day.

Info & Buy

1 Mole Per Litre Funny Science Journal Cover

7. Science Teacher Superhero Hardcover Journal

By: shoppzee

A tremendous contrasting design, that features a slogan suitable for any awesome science teacher. Maybe you know a great science teacher in need of a great gift?

Info & Buy

Superhero Science Teacher Note Pad Hardcover

8. Neural Networking Hardcover Journal

By: Cartoon Neuron

A beautifully hand-designed journal featuring networking neurons. Very cute and would be an excellent dot journal for the year.

Info & Buy

Neural Networking Journal Cover

9. Charles Darwin Hardcover Journal

By: mysticalscience

A hardcover journal featuring Charles Darwin, and an emblem representing his work with evolution.

Info & Buy

Charles Darwin Science Cover for Journal

10. I Hate Science. It Worked?!?! I Love Science.

By: Geek-topia

The designer of this journal must be a scientist! Everyone has had this feeling before... That frustration right before success! This is a well designed and humorous design.

Info & Buy

I hate Science I love Science Journal Book

11. Optimist... pessimist... SCIENTIST!

By: -Andropov-

The front of this journal features the age-old question of 'A glass half full'; however, it has been broken down into a scientific point of view. It is always full! Genius.

Info & Buy

Buy Glass Full Science Journal

12. Phenolphthalein: Titration in Watercolor Hardcover Journal

By: katychalmers

A stunning watercolour design by katychalmers. 'Hooray for pH indicators and titrations!'

Info & Buy

Watercolour Design Hardcover Dot Journal

13. Use it well - Brain Hardcover Journal

By: Kafka's Closet

A journal in an apricot/pink colour featuring the human brain in a black sketch. Below the sketch, it says 'USE IT WELL'. Let's hope we all do.

Info & Buy

Brain: Use it Well Journal Cover

14. Muppet Science Hardcover Journal

By: TenkenNoKaiten

Who doesn't love Beaker from the Muppets? This journal would suit any scientist.

Info & Buy

Beaker Muppets Hardcover Journal

15. Anatomy of a Fox Journal

By: Sophie Corrigan

A design featuring all of the great features of a fox: The anatomy of a fox.

Info & Buy

Anatomy of a Fox Hardcover Journal

16. Chem love Hardcover Journal

By: dcrownfield

Love chemistry? This journal is for you, featuring chemistry icons surrounded by pink and red hearts.

Info & Buy

Science Icons in Pink

17. The Popsicle Anatomy

By: Teo Zirinis

We love the colours of this journal, and the amusing anatomy design is just as great. An excellent journal for anatomy students and anatomy scientists.

Info & Buy

Popsicle Anatomy: Funny Dot Journal Cover

18. Trust me. I'm A Chemist

By: design2try

A bright orange slogan on a black background. Trust Me; I'm a Chemist.

Info & Buy

Trust a Chemist Notebook Cover

19. Science is Optimistic

By: raizepeace

The scientific view of the glass half full question. Answer: The glass is always full.

Info & Buy

Glass Always Full Journal Hardcover

20. Space Travel

By: carbine

A great design on this journal. Featuring an astronaut using the planets as balloons for space travel. We love it, and so will all your science friends. A great gift.

Info & Buy

Space Travel Science Dot Journal

21. Periodic Table

By: Natalia-Art

Not only an excellent design for the front of your journal, but it would come in handy too! The periodic table on your dot journal.

Info & Buy

Periodic Table Cover on Journal

22. An Asteroid Map of the Solar System

By: Eleanor Lutz

This is one of our favourites. A stunning design, using a fantastic colour scheme featuring the asteroids of our solar system.

Info & Buy

Asteroid Map on a Journal

23. Chemistry Hardcover Journal

By: SandiTyche

A simple but effective blue chemistry design on a white background.

Info & Buy

Chemistry Journal Hard Cover for Sale

24. Badass Science Lady

By: Hana Ayoob

Specially designed for the Badass Science Lady. This journal is a black journal emblazed with the slogan: Badass Science Lady filled with science doodles.

Info & Buy

Badass Science Lady Notebook

25. Bisexual Pride Beaker

By: Siarne

A beaker filled with pride. This is a simple but awesome design and would make for a great 2020 journal.

Info & Buy

Bisexual Beaker Journal

26. Think - Chemistry Hardcover Journal

By: ValentinaHramov

A great notebook or journal for the chemistry student or expert. Think! Made up of element symbols.

Info & Buy

Think: Science Journal Cover

27. OMG the Element of Amazement, Science Humor

By: Cloud9hopper

Amusing elements arranged to spell OMG. The element of Amusing.

Info & Buy

OMG Chemistry Book Cover

28. Science ATOM

By: Pferdefreundin

A single atom turns this boring white journal into a work of art that any scientist would be happy to carry. It's bold and straightforward.

Info & Buy

Redbubble ATOM Journal

29. All the Chemistry Puns Argon - Funny Science Hardcover Journal

By: davdmark

I love this one. Amusing play on words, and designed very well — all the Chemistry Puns Argon.

Info & Buy

Chemistry Puns Slogan on Journal

30. Serotonin Molecule

By: erzebetth

A beautifully designed journal. White, featuring a very colourful serotonin molecule.

Info & Buy

Molecule Hard Cover Journal for Scientists

31. Funny Science Teacher Journal

By: CustUmmMerch

Got a favourite science teacher? This is for them. Just like a normal teacher except much cooler.

Info & Buy

I am a Science Teacher Journal Cover

32. Chemistry Science Pun

By: happinessinatee

Another funny chemistry has made it to our list. Featuring a cartoon claiming that they have all the solutions. We love this chemistry pun.

Info & Buy

I have all the solutions: Science Hardcover

33. Chemistry Flasks

By: MyBlueLight

Simple yet elegant. This design features two colourful flasks bubbling away, representing chemistry.

Info & Buy

Chemistry Dot Journal

34. Chemistry is Like Cooking Journal

By: GeschenkIdee

A humorous design: Chemistry, it's like cooking, just don't lick the spoon.

Info & Buy

Chemistry is Like Cooking: Dont Lick the Spoon Journal

35. Star Trek USS Enterprise Hardcover Journal

By: lighthouse-art

A monochrome design on this hardcover journal: Star Trek USS Enterprise.

Info & Buy

Star Trek Journal

36. Science Laboratory

By: PixlPixi

An excellent hand-drawn design covering the entire cover of this journal. An superb journal for any scientist.

Info & Buy

Laboratory Journal Cover

37. Science all over!

By: JudithzzYuko

A black and white journal featuring random science icons and emblems. A great design, and would be appreciated by all scientists.

Info & Buy

Science All Over Design on Journals

38. Vintage Heart Anatomy

By: StilleSkygger

Designed like a vintage drawing, this is a well-designed journal. Heart Anatomy.

Info & Buy

Science Anatomy Heart: Hardcover

39. BaZinGa and Atom

By: JCDesignsUK

Fan of the Big Bang? Well, this journal might be right up your ally. Bazinga spelt out using elements.

Info & Buy

Bazinga: Big Bang Design for Journal

40. Coffee Time Brain Cell Hardcover Journal

By: Cartoon Neuron

A very cute design featuring a brain cell hugging a cup of coffee.

Info & Buy

Coffee Time Bran Cell

41. Never Underestimate a Physics Dad

By: GeschenkIdee

I love physics, and I think it helps me daily. I couldn't imagine how awesome a scientist with a physics degree would feel. Never underestimate a physics dad.

Info & Buy

Never Underestimate a Physics Dad

42. Book of Physics

By: yulia-rb

This design is simply called the physics emblem. We love this simple design and think it would make an excellent dot journal for a scientist.

Info & Buy

Physics Emblem

43. Schrödinger's Cat Design on a Journal

By: OkopipiDesign

Great design and great colours. This design features an abstract perspective of Schrödinger's Cat. A geometric design that we absolutely love.

Info & Buy

Schrodingers Cat on Journal Cover

44. Physics Student Hardcover Journal

By: Pferdefreundin

The perfect journal for the physics student. I have no life; I'm a physics student.

Info & Buy

Life of a Physics Student

45. STEMinist Hardcover Journal

By: Bubble Bees

Celebrating women in STEM, and encouraging women to enter STEM fields. This is a simple design that makes a statement.

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Info & Buy

STEMinist Cover on Journal Book

46. I'm An Astrophysicist To Save Time Let's Just Assume I'm Always Right

By: teesaurus

A very minimalistic design. Creative fonts in black on a white journal: I'm An Astrophysicist To Save Time Let's Just Assume I'm Always Right.

Info & Buy

An Astrophysicist

47. The Scientist Vacant Expression

By: jhojho

A black design on a white journal. Striking and awesome! This journal will be loved by all.

Info & Buy

Vacant Expression

48. Light Spectrum

By: andio393

Light spectrum separated through a diffraction grating. Simple yet beautiful.

Info & Buy

Light Spectrum on Hard Cover Journal

49. Structure of Molecules and Communication

By: aquamarine-p

A slightly more subtle science journal featuring a design representing molecules. Artistic and suitable for everyone, not just scientists.

Info & Buy

Structure of Molecules

50. What Part Don't You Understand

By: GeschenkIdee

Taking the sarcasm up a level is this excellent design by GeschenkIdee. What part don't you understand?

Info & Buy

What part of Physics Dont You Understand

50 Journals Not Enough? :)

It looks like you made it to the end our favourite journal designs. If you are looking for more unique designs, you should take a look at Redbubble.

If you have any science friends, be sure to share our list with them. They might be looking to set up their 2020 Dot Journal, and might be chasing ideas.

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