Review: Kmart Bubble Science Game by Anko

Rated 2.5/5
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Teach Tech With The Bubble Science Game

If you are looking for an economical STEM toy that will help your kids learn technology, then the bubble science game from Kmart would be a great toy...

However, if you are looking for a toy that teaches tech, and gives you an excellent bubble machine as the end product, then you aren't going to want the Kmart Bubble Science Game.

We got our hands on this bubble science game, and here is our full review.

Bubble Science Game Overview

The concept behind the Bubble Science Game is great, and it has all the components of a great STEM toy.

The motor and gears have already been assembled, and all that is left is for kids to click everything in place and hook up the battery + switch. It all clicks together on the base, and there are springs that allow you to make the electrical connections easily. No soldering or wire twisting needed.

Once you have finished constructing it, you have yourself a bubble machine. Just put in 2 x AA batteries (Not Included) and some bubble mix and turn it on. It turns a disc of bubble blower rings which dip into the bubble solution; then once they come out of the solution, the machine blows air through them to create bubbles.

What's in the Box?

Before we talk about whats in the box, can we please mention that Kmart has once again 'Over Packaged' their product. When you open the box, the top half is empty. I am not sure why they do this, but I am guessing it is to make the product look bigger and seem to be of better value.

Once you get past the half an empty box, you get all the goodies you need to make a bubble machine. Most of the contents are packed up nicely inside of the base of the machine. Here is what you will find inside:

1 x Battery Compartment: It holds 2 x AA batteries that aren't included.

1 x On/Off Switch: This switch is ready to click into place and has a single wire in and out.

3 x Spring Connectors: These are a quick way to connect up the wires. Bend them over and insert a wire. When they spring back into shape, they grip the wire tightly.

1 x Box with Lid: The top of the box has all of the holes, and that is where you set up all of the components.

1 x Blower Module: This module contains a lot of the tech, including motor and gears. All pre-assembled and you will need to click it in place.

1 x Fan: Anko calls this a 'Spinning Unit', but it is really just a fan.

1 x Fan Cover: The cover clips on after you install the fan.

1 x Bubble Plate: This is a disc with different sizes bubble blower rings on it.

1 x Bubble Solution Container: Once clipped into place, this holds the bubble solution and the rings are dipped into it when rotating.

2 x Connecting Bridges: I will be honest, I have no idea what these are for. They are not used in the instructions.

Kmart Bubble Science Open Box Contents

STEM Education

The STEM Education component of this toy is pretty good. It is great at teaching kids the basics of technology, an intro to physics and some basic engineering.

They get to make the essential electronic connections connecting the switch, battery and module.

There are some great engineering aspects, including the cog system and the fan blowing air through the bubble blowers.

Our Overall Review & Opinion

I have bought plenty of STEM products and toys from Kmart, and a lot of them have been awesome. However, they missed the mark with the Bubble Science Game.

I do like the learning aspect of this STEM Toy, but functionally, the product is a fail. The bubbles were minimal. It seemed there was not enough air to blow the bubbles off the machine. Now and then it would work, but mostly it just made a mess of the device. I even noticed in their instructions there was a warning this might happen, and how to clean it and start again.

The most disappointing thing is that they were so close!!! Just change the fan system a little, do a bit more engineering and testing, and they could have made a great learning tool and a great product.

We gave the Bubble Science Game a 2.5 out of 5.

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