Create a Foam Bubble Blower

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Easy to Make, Maximum Fun

If you are looking for a great activity for young kids, you found it. The DIY foam bubble blower!

The foam bubble blower is easy to make with just a few recycled materials. Once built, you blow into the end and out comes a stream of tiny bubbles forming foam. It will make a massive amount of bubble foam very quickly, and the kids will love it!

Video of Our Foam Bubble Blower

Here is a short video of our foam bubble blower in action. We also show you the materials we used to make the bubble blower.

Foam Bubble Blower Materials

Two great things about this activity: Firstly, it uses mostly recycled materials. Secondly, you can make it in about 5 minutes. Here is what you will need to make the foam bubble blower.

Plastic Bottle: A medium-sized plastic bottle. We just used an old 600ml soft drink bottle.

Laundry Bag/Stocking: There are many things you can use for this. It just has to have tiny holes in it. We used a laundry bag, but it will also work with an old stocking.

Rubberbands: Used to hold the laundry bag around the base of the bottle.

Dishwashing Liquid: Mix with water to make the bubbles. If you already have store-bought bubble mixture, you can use that too.

Bowl/Container: Something to hold the bubble mixture so you can dip the bottle into.

Tools Needed: The only tool you will need for this is a knife/scissors to cut the bottom off the plastic bottle.

What you need to make a foam bubble blower

How to Make the DIY Bubble Blower

It will only take you a few minutes to make this foam bubble blower, and here are the steps we took:

1: Cut the bottom off the plastic bottle.

2: Fold the laundry bag until it is just bigger than the bottle base.

3: Use rubber bands to hold the laundry bag over the bottom of the bottle.

4: Mix dish liquid and water in the bowl.

5: Dip bottom into the mixture, and blow through the top of the bottle.

Steps to make a foam bubble blower

The Finished Product

Here is what our foam bubble blower looked like when it was finished.

The finished home made bubble blower

Great Fun for Small Kids

This is a really fun STEM activity for kids. Here is a photo of my two boys enjoying this activity.

Ashton & Eli enjoying foam bubbles

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