Review: Shifu Plugo Link and Count Combo

Rated 4.5/5
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Tons of Fun With The Plugo Link & Count Bundle

Firstly, a big thank you to the team at Professor Plums, who were kind enough to send us this Plugo Link and Count Combo kit by Shifu to road test. They have an amazing store filled with educational STEM toys and gear.

The Plugo Link and Count Combo kit by Shifu contains two of their products bundled into one. In this post, we share our thoughts on the combo kit and give you a bit more information about the world of Plugo by Shifu.

Shifu Plugo Link and Count Combo Review

What is Plugo by Shifu?

The plugo learning system is sometimes referred to as Augmented Reality, but, it technically isn't. Plugo uses the camera on the tablet to check where the pieces are, and then uses this information when kids are playing one of the many different games. EG, there might be a math question on the screen, 2+5. The camera will look to see if you have placed the number 7 piece on the Gamepad. If so, you advance in the game. This type of learning system is fantastic for kids, as it is interactive and fun.

What is in the Plugo Link and Count Combo?

The Link and Count Combo kit is made up of two of the Plugo products. Plugo Link, and Plugo Count. We have made an in-depth review of each product that you can view using the links below.

Plugo Link

The Plugo Link system uses hexagonal tiles to complete the games on the tablet. Some games use the tiles to create outlines of objects, some games use them for cogs, and others use the hex tiles to build towers. Placing the tiles in the correct spots for each game will advance players in the game. Read our full review below.

Full Plugo Link Review

Plugo Link

Plugo Count

Plugo count is an excellent mathematics game for kids. It comes with a spike called... 'Slike'. You place it on the Gamepad, and then use the provided numbers to solve math puzzles and math games. The types of math problems are customisable so that you can use this for kids of different ages. Read the full review below.

Full Plugo Count Review

Plugo Count

Whats in the Box?

As mentioned in the individual reviews for each product, these kits are packed very well, and the quality is obvious. Here is what you will find in the Plugo Link & Count Combo kit:

1 Gamepad: One game mat/gamepad that is used when you play either game.
Plugo Count: One box containing 'Spike' and the numbers for the count game system.
Plugo Link: One box containing the hexagonal block to use for the Plugo Link games.

Boxes for Shifu Plugo Link and Count Combo

Our Review & Opinion

If you are looking at buying both of these educational toys, this bundle is a great way to buy them as it is a lot cheaper than buying them separately. However, you only get one foldable Gamepad, and it is shared between both activities.

Even though this system is not Augmented Reality, it does blend the digital world with the real world and creates an enjoyable learning experience for kids.

My son Ashton, my eldest, loved these toys. He is often asking to play it, which pleases me as a parent because I love to see my kids learn and have fun.

We rate the Plugo Link & Count Combo Kit 4.5 out of 5. A must-have for any proactive parent.

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