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Introducing our Reddit STEM Community

STEM education and learning has been on Reddit for a long time. We have been hanging out in many of the STEM communities but have been a little disappointed with their focus and content. So.........

We decided to make a STEM community on Reddit that we hope will inspire parents and educators, and we want you to get involved. Introducing STEM Mayhem on Reddit!

STEM Reddit Community


STEM Reddit Community

Our Name: Your Community

Ok, so we used our name, but don't think that makes this Reddit STEM community ours. We used our name simply because we think it gives the impression of fun and craziness, which is exactly what we want it to be. STEM education is FUN!

You wont be drowned in our content, and we really want to gather content from all over the internet and pool all the STEM fun in this community.

STEM Community Goal

This STEM community has a pretty simple goal:

Pool all of the fun STEM activities from around the world in one place to inspire educators and parents to teach kids STEM.

Join the Reddit Community

We are calling all Reddit users interested in STEM and STEM education to become part of this STEM community on Reddit. Tell your friends, and lets work together to create a really inspiring community about STEM.

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