What Do Abbreviations Like W.M, L.S, & C.S Mean for Microscope Slides?

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Confused About the Microscope Slides Abbreviations?

If you are reading this, we guess you are. Just like we were when we brought our LCD Digital Microscope, and when we bought some additional Prepared Slides.

We noticed on the prepared slides there was an abbreviation after the description. EG: Tilia Stem C.S. What did the CS mean? So, we decided to do some research, and add the abbreviations here as a reference for others who are not sure what the microscope slide abbreviations are.

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Common Microscope Slide Abbreviation List

Here are the microscope slide abbreviations that we think are the most common.

WM (W.M.)
Whole Mount (Entire Specimen or Organism)

LS (L.S.)
Longitudinal Section. A section cut lengthwise. Cut parallel to the longitudinal axis.

CS (C.S.)
Cross-Section. Such as a thin wafer of an Earthworm. Cut perpendicular to the longitudinal axis.

TS (T.S.)
Transverse. An alternative name for cross-section.

Additional Microscope Slide Abbreviations

In addition to the slide abbreviations above, we found others that are also used.

ST (S.T.)
Stained Preparation.

SQ (S.Q.)
Squashed Preparation.

SM (S.M.)
Smear Preparation. Such as a smear of blood.

MED or M
Middle. Cut through the middle.


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