Time Lapse of Smithsonian Magic Rocks

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Time Lapse: Growing Smithsonian Magic Rocks

We recently bought and reviewed the Smithsonian Magic Rocks science experiment. It is a great experiment that you can pick up at your local Kmart for around $15.

We decided to set up the camera and take a time lapse of the Magic Rocks growing. They start of growing really fast but slow down a little. We also set up the macro lens to get a close up of the Magic Rocks growing and we included it at the end on the video.

Time Lapse Thoughts

I really wished we used a dark background, and will in future time lapses like this one. We were really happy with the macro lens at the end.

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The time lapse at the end is the best part by far. The other parts are good, but I totally agree that the background could have been darker. Anyway, look forward to your next video.
STEM Mayhem
Thanks for the comment James. We agree that the end it the best bit. We are doing another STEM time lapse soon, and hopefully we get it right :)

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