Correct Order of Planets: Glowing 3D Planets

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Help with the Glowing 3-D Planets Set

I recently picked up the Glowing 3-D Planets set for a display I was making for my sons. Now, I know the order of planets, thanks to a jingle that I have used since primary school, however; Matching up the names to the sizes and colours in this set proved quite the challenge. In this post, I take a look at the planets and the colours in this pack and put them in order for you.

Order of Planets

Before we match up the planets in this package by colour, lets just run through the planets by name in order of distance from the sun. Pluto is included in this even though it is technically a dwarf planet.


I remember the order with this old saying:
My very easy memory jingle saves us naming planets.
The first letter of each word is a hint for the planet.

Glowing 3-D Planet Set

When you open this set, you will instantly be able to recognise quite a few of the planets, but others will not be so obvious. Well, they weren't for me anyway. I was mostly confused with Neptune. I didn't recall it being bright purple with a dark line and white spots. However, after googling for quite a while, I ruled out the other planets, so it had to be Neptune.

Here is the correct order for this glowing planet set:

Correct Order of 3d Glowing Planets

Included Instructions

One of the more frustrating things was the instruction/info sheet it came with. It was in black and white and had no reference to the planets in the set. It does represent the solar system and is informative, but they could have included a colour chart for their planets.

The Solar System: Great Explorations 3D Glowing Planet Set

User Comment
Thank you! I only had Mercury and Pluto mixed up.

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