Review: Balloon Racer by Quack

Rated 4/5
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Low Cost, Great Fun

We bought the Balloon Racer by Quack recently for a little bit of low cost STEM fun. It is a very cheap toy, you should be able to get the 2 car pack for under $6 in Australia.

The Balloon Racer toy is very simple, and you can even make them at home for less than $6, specially if you already have a few toy cars lying around. This toy consists of 2 small cars powered by a balloon that you blow up each time you want to race. The cars actually go quite fast, and are very impressive for their price and size.

Balloon Racer by Quack STEM Toy Review

How The Balloon Racer Works

The science behind this toy is simple. You blow up the balloon that sits on top of the car. There is an 'L' shaped piece of tube that points from inside the balloon out the back of the car like an exhaust. When the balloon deflates, the air is forced out the back of the car and propels the Balloon Racer forward. It keeps going forward until the balloon deflates and then kinetic energy will continue to move the car until other forces like friction stop the car.

You will find a more detailed science explanation here: How Do Balloons Create Thrust & Propulsion.

What's in the Balloon Racer Box

Not much to this toy. In the box you get the following:

2 x Cars: 2 small cars with 'L' pipe inside them.
4 x Balloons: 2 balloons attached to the top of the cars and 2 spare balloons.

Balloon Racer by Quack Box Contents

Our Review & Opinion

All toys that educate kids with STEM are great toys. This toy does just that. The Balloon Races is a great value toy that is very cheap to run. No batteries required, no fuel required, just a balloon filled with air. Your kids will have a blast with the Balloon Racers.

The car itself isn't the greatest quality, and we did have the 'L' tube dislodge a few times. But, complaining about a $6 toy seems a little unfair. Great value, and a recommended buy. We rate the Balloon Racer by Quack 4 out of 5.

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