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Arduino T-Shirts for Fans of Arduino

We are massive fans of Arduino! So much so, that we have compiled this list of the most awesome Arduino themed t-shirts and tops that you can buy. From Arduino logos and prints of Arduino Uno's, to Breadboard Tees and the Arduino Dragon design - they all made our list.

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All of these designs are available in a range of styles for men and women, and some are available for kids too. Below each shirt description is a link to 'Mens', 'Womens' and 'Kids'. Clicking those will take you to the page where you can browse colours and all the different styles and pricing. This collection is all from Redbubble, who we think have awesome shirts. We have bought quite a few t-shirts from their online store (Yes, we paid full price), and have been very happy with the quality.

We hope you enjoy this list of t-shirts, I know I will be getting a couple for myself.

List of Arduino T-Shirts For Sale

In the interest of full disclosure, we are an affiliate of Redbubble and this posts contains some affiliate links. It costs you nothing extra, and helps us continue to keep our site running. Read More.

Arduino Logo T-Shirts and Tops

T-shirts and tops featuring the Arduino logo in white. The shirts are available in a large range of styles including long sleeved and tanks. There are also plenty of great colours to choose from.


Ardiono T-Shirt Featuring the Logo


Arduino Play T-Shirt

An eye catching Arduino design t-shirt featuring a controller and the Arduino logo along with the words 'Do You Want to Play?' Available is many styles and colours for men and women.


Do you want to play - arduino t-shirt

I Love Arduino Slim Fit T-Shirt

Designed by mandelbrotset, this is a great t-shirt for Arduino lovers! Available in heaps of colours and styles, you are sure to find a shirt you will love as much as you love Arduino.


I Love Arduino Mens & Womens Tee

Arduino Lillypad Fritzing Drawing

A Fritzing version of the Arduino Lillypad on t-shirts for men and women.


Arduino Lillypad T-Shirt for Men and Women


Arduino Uno Graphic Print T-Shirt

This amazing t-shirt has a photo of an Arduino Uno board across the entire shirt. Really makes a statement, and is one of our favourite shirts. Available for men and women in quite a few styles.


Arduino Uno Board Graphic Print Entire T-Shirt

Uno Circuit Design

This design by dedpol is really cool and is one of our favourites. It is called Arduino Circuit, but to us, it looks like an Arduino Dude. A simple graphical representation of the Arduino Uno is one of our favourite shirts.


Arduino Uno Face Board Tops


Arduino Componants T-Shirt Design

Available for men and women in a huge range of styles, this tee featured the components of an Arduino made in to characters using the Arduino colours. A simple, minimal design that's quite appealing.


Arduino Components Design on a T-Shirt

I love Arduino ...but I'm Pi-curious T-Shirt

Funny Arduino T-Shirt featuring a Uno and the Raspberry Pi logo.


I Love Arduino But Im Pi-Curious Funny Arduino T-Shirt

Arduino Esplora Reference Design Sticker Shirt

Colourful design using the Arduino Esplora Reference Design. For the Esplora lovers of the Arduino world. Great colours available, and again, lots of different styles available.


Arduino Esplora Reference Design Sticker Tri-blend T-Shirt

Arduino Sketchy Sketch by tuiuiu

A beautiful monotone design by tuiuiu. This t-shirt features a large sketch of the Arduino Uno board. Simple, and stylish. Available in lots of styles and because it is just a black design, it will go well on any colour t-shirt.


Arduino Sketchy sketch T-Shirt Design

pinMode 13 Classic Arduino T-Shirt

A snippet of some very famous Arduino code that is easily recognisable to Arduino fans. This shirt features the code pinMode(13, OUTPUT); And is written in code style using the Arduino Colours. The shirt is available in many styles including slim-fit tees. You can also get it in many colours for men and women.


pinMode Arduino Code T-Shirts

Arduino Duemilanove Reference Design Shirt

A colourful design by Rupert Russell featuring the Arduino Duemilanove Reference Diagram.


Arduino Duemilanove Reference Design T-Shirt for Men and Women

Arduino Uno Board T-Shirt & Tank

A graphical representation of the Arduino Uno board is front a centre on this t-shirt. A simple design, but very effective. Available in around 17 colours, you are sure to find a tee you love.


Arduino Uno Board on a T-Shirt and Tank Top

Basic Arduino Logo T-Shirts

T-Shirts and tops featuring just the basic Arduino logo without words. The logo is in white, and that allows it to be printed on plenty of different coloured shirts and still look amazing.


Arduino Simple Logo Shirt for Men Women Kids

Arduino Uno Board in Black and White

A graphical design of the Arduino Uno board in black and white. Looks great, and because it is in black and white, it looks great on any colour t-shirt. A huge range of colours and styles available to buy.


Arduino Uno Black and White on T-Shirt

Breadboard on a T-Shirt

Just what you never knew you needed! A breadboard printed on a t-shirt! This is a very simple but cool design featuring a breadboard that everyone uses for Arduino. Available in a lot of colours, but because the pins are black, you might want to stick to light colours.


Arduino Breadboard on a T-Shirt

Arduino Heart Pixelated

A pixelated version of the Arduino Uno featuring a red heart. This amazing design is available on a large number of shirt styles and colours for men and women.


Buy Arduino Heart Pixel Shirts

Open Source Hardware Logo Design on T-Shirts & Tops

Designed by KiwiMrDee, this simple design features the logo for open source hardware in the Arduino green colour. The design can be put on many different styles and you can get the t-shirt in lots of colours. Available for me and women.


Open Source Hardware Logo Top & T-Shirt

Arduino Leonardo Reference Design T-Shirts

Arduino Leonardo Reference Design on t-shirts and tops. Designed by Rupert Russell, and available in many colours, sizes and styles. Shop your style below.


Arduino Leonardo Reference Design on a T-Shirt

Arduino Schematic on a Tee

A simple t-shirt design featuring a large Arduino schematic in black. Simple, but looks great. Suits lighter coloured shirts, and available for men and women.


Arduino Schematic Designed T-Shirt

Arduino Circle Logo T-Shirt

The iconic Arduino logo in a circle. A great design and available on many styles of shirts for men and women.


Arduino Designer T-Shirts featuring the Logo

I Swear It Was Working Before - Funny T-Shirt

A sentence everyone who uses Arduino has said at least once. This funny shirt is available for men and women.


I Swear It Was Working Before Funny T-Shirt

Want More Arduino Themed T-Shirts?

You have come to the end of our list of Arduino tops and t-shirts. If you are still looking for more, take a look at the full range.

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