Arduino Projects For Kids

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Kids; Meet Arduino!

If you are looking to start your kids in the world of electronics, Arduino is the way to go. Arduino is very educational and fun. People all over the world are using Arduino to create fun electronics projects and solve real-world problems.

This post is dedicated to Arduino Projects for kids, aimed at parents and STEM educators who are looking for great Arduino resources to help their kids learn.

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Arduino for Kids Information

What Age Can Kids Start Arduino?

This is a tough one. There is not a set age, and it will all depend on your child. We think that around ten would be the age where kids will start to fully grasp the concept, and be able to build and code the Arduino boards.

However, with parental help, guidance and supervision, you will be able to introduce kids at a much younger age. I have very young boys, so at the moment I am just doing projects that they would like to use. They see the end result, love playing with it, and gets them interested in Arduino.


Why Kids Should Learn Arduino?

Arduino is a tool that creates inquisitive kids. Curious kids will grow to be curious adults, and curious adults are the go-getters of the world. You want your kids to wonder how and why things work, you want them to work hard at finding solutions, and you want them to achieve. The Arduino platform does all of this. Here are some of the reasons we encourage kids to do Arduino projects and learn Arduino at home:

Develop Problem Solving Skills: Problem-solving is necessary for life. Arduino kick starts kids problem-solving skills.

It's Easy & Supportive: We encourage kids to learn any electronics and robotics, but we like Arduino. Not only is it easy to use, but there is a fantastic Arduino community where you can gather resources and get help with projects.

It Is Fun: I have not met a kid yet that doesn't love Arduino. It does something to their soul, and their eyes light up. Kids have a ton of fun with Arduino.

Employment & Opportunity: We don't have a crystal ball, but we are pretty confident that there will be a lot of future careers for people who program and for people who are problem solvers. Set your kids on the path to career happiness by getting them involved with Arduino.

Learn Science, Math and Engineering: Education from Arduino is not limited to technology or programming. Arduino will teach a vast array of topics, including Mathematics, Science & Engineering.

Build Awesome Things: From your very first Arduino program, you will quickly realise that kids can make some pretty awesome things with Arduino. Once they understand how it works, your mind will think of so many ways to use Arduino and your kids will be making awesome stuff.

Where Kids Can Start

Starting kids in the world of Arduino is easy. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Read Resources: We have put together some great resources like What is Arduino? and Simple Explanation of How Arduino Works. There are also plenty of other great learning resources on the internet. All free, and all very helpful for beginners.

Buy a Starter Kit: We started with a starter kit, and it got us hooked. It is a cheap place to start, and you get great instructions to make your first few projects.

Setup a Space: You don't need much to start Arduino, but you will need a space in your home for it. You will need a laptop or PC, and we also suggest a cutting board to make the projects on. You can then build on this over time by adding some storage as you will find your collection of small parts grows very fast.

Join Arduino & Bookmark: Start yourself a bookmark folder on your favourite browser. Join up to the Arduino Create site, and bookmark all of your favourite pages.

The Most Famous Arduino Project: Your childs first project has to be Blink! It is the world famous starting project for Arduino.

Arduino Starter Kit Perfect for Kids
Arduino Starter Kit: Great Kit for Teaching Kids Arduino.

Our List of Arduino Projects For Kids

Here is a list of some cool Arduino projects for kids. Some are for kids to build themselves, and some are for kids to enjoy. We will be updating this list often, so please check back soon.

Kids Toy Traffic Lights

This project is one of ours. It is great for kids because they get to use the end result. It is a set of traffic lights for a 4 way intersection. It is coded in a special way and does not use the delay() function.

Project Kids Traffic Lights

Mini Piano Project

Created by 'The Lonely Programmer', This is a fun project for kids where they can build a mini piano. It doesn't require many parts, it is cheap but the fun level is really high.

Project Arduino Mini Piano

Buzz Wire Game

Created by the team at MakeUseOf: With some simple programming, you can create this fun buzzer game. Cheap components and a little DIY craftiness, the Buzz Wire Game is a great project to build with kids.

Project Buzz Wire Game

Otto the Robot

Otto is an awesome robot but is a little more complex to make. Suited to more advanced kids, or heavy parental guidance. Click the link for this Arduino project with full instructions.

Project DIY Otto the Robot

Arduino Tamagotchi Clone - Digital Pet

A great project for kids! This Arduino project lets you build your very own digital pet. The tutorial says you need a 3d printer, however, we think you can just use any small suitable enclosure.

Project Build a Digital Pet

Check Back Soon

We are passionate about getting kids programming with Arduino, and will be creating lots of simple and fun projects. We will be updating this list often. Bookmark this page, or consider subscribing to our updates.

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